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Vaping has taken off hugely in Australia in recent years. This surge in popularity can be attributed to people making the switch from traditional cigarettes and tobacco to e cigarettes which are seen as a healthier alternative.

The benefit of using an electronic cigarette over tobacco is that no combustion takes place when using an e cig. The burning and combustion of tobacco is what produces tar and many of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking. Vaping on the otherhand requires no combustion and does not produce these same harmful chemicals.

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How does vaping work?

There are two main components to an e cigarette, these are the battery and the tank. The tank contains the e liquid (also called e juice) and also an atomizer with a coil. The coil heats the e liquid when the user activates it with a button on the e cigarette. The heat is enough to turn the e liquid into a fine vapour which the user then inhales through the ‘drip tip’.

E liquid comes in a huge range of flavours and can be purchased with nicotine present in the liquid or without. Australian states each have their own laws to control the sale and supply of e cigarettes and nicotine containing e liquid.

Be sure to check out your state laws to ensure you are not breaking them by importing nicotine e liquid.

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How to Get Started Vaping

It’s really easy to make you first vaping purchase online and have your items shipped to your doorstep. We would recommend starting with a simple starter kit and a few e liquid flavours. It is a good idea to buy a few flavours to discover which ones you enjoy the most.

Once you get a taste for vaping you will eventually want to upgrade to a box mod or more powerful unit. These more advanced units can produce more vapour and an even more enjoyable experience. Check out the Vape Australia supplier comparison to choose a suitable online stockist.

After the initial investment in your e cigarette the cost of vaping is very low. On-going costs include the occasional part such as a coil or new atomiser and your e liquid. All these items are very reasonably priced and easy to order online.

There are many different options when it comes to vaping and it can be hard to know where to start. Vape Australia has plenty of information about different type of e cigarettes and e juices. If you are unsure of what you need check out our resources and reviews to get educated so you can make an informed purchase.

Make the healthier switch from smoking to e cigarettes today. You will save money in the long term with the low cost of e juice and your body will thank you for it.

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Vaping Laws in Australia

It seems vaping is becoming more regulated by the month in Australia. It is subject to different laws in different states. This means you need to be clued up on your states laws if you are attempting to import E cigarettes and nicotine E liquids. To make it easier for you to understand we have created the Vape Australia quick law guide below.

Being a consumer is reasonably straight forward. You will not have trouble buying equipment online if you are purchasing products containing no nicotine. Attempting to sell equipment commercially is where you are likely to run afoul of the numerous state laws governing the sale of vaping products.

To get behind vaping in Australia and keep up to date on the governments law changes follow us on Facebook – Vape Australia.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has a personal importation scheme which allows the importation of nicotine products into Australia for personal use. However, this currently requires a medical prescription from a docter.

As the laws are constantly changing we cannot guarantee our resources are always up to date. We suggest doing your own research into Australian laws before importing products to Australia.

The major laws effecting vaping in each state are listed below:

Queensland Vaping Laws

  • Vaping is not allowed in smoke free indoor and outdoor areas.
  • E cigarettes cannot be sold to minors
  • It is currently illegal to sell, own, supply or use E cigarettes that contain nicotine
  • You can import vaping products for personal use if they contain no nicotine

New South Wales Vaping Laws

  • E cigs cannot be sold to minors
  • It is illegal to vape in cars with children under 16 present.
  • It is currently illegal to sell, own, supply or use E cigarettes that contain nicotine
  • You can import vaping products for personal use if they contain no nicotine

Victoria Vaping Laws

  • It is illegal to supply, sell, own or use E cigarettes that contain nicotine
  • Nicotine-free vaping devices are ok for personal use and can be imported

New laws are being implemented in mid 2017 which will make it:

  • Illegal to sell E cigarettes to minors
  • Illegal to vape in public smoke free areas

Western Australia Vaping Laws

  • E cigarettes not containing tobacco can be imported for personal use
  • There is no restriction on vaping in smoke free areas
  • It is illegal to sell, supply, own or use E cigarettes containing nicotine

E cigarettes are subject to the Tobacco Products Control Act which make it illegal to:

  • Sell E cigarettes in Western Australia or any product designed to resemble a tobacco product

South Australia Vaping Laws

  • E cigarette products that contain nicotine cannot be legally supplied, owned or sold
  • E cigarettes and E liquid containing no nicotine can be imported and sold in SA
  • There are no current restrictions on where people can vape, however this is being reviewed by the government

Tasmania Vaping Laws

  • It is illegal to supply, sell, own or use E cigarette products that contain nicotine
  • There are no currently restrictions on owning or selling nicotine-free vaping products
  • There are no restrictions on where you are allowed to vape

Northern Territory Vaping Laws

  • It is illegal to supply, sell, own or use any vaping product that contains nicotine.
  • E Cigs cannot be sold to minors
  • It is not illegal to import or own E cigarettes which are nicotine-free

ACT Vaping Laws

  • You can import vaping products for personal use if they contain no nicotine
  • It is illegal to supply, sell, own or use E cigarettes that contain nicotine
  • E cigarettes cannot be sold to minors
  • Vaping is not allow in smoke free areas
  • Businesses selling E cigs require a tobacco licence

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